Origins of Seafaring to Sahul


ACROSS consists of a multidisciplinary team led by Dr R. Helen Farr at the University of Southampton.

Dr R. Helen Farr (PI) (University of Southampton)

Helen’s research expertise focuses on early seafaring and submerged palaeolandscapes. She is an Associate Professor at the University of Southampton, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London, HSE commercial diver, and current co-Chair of the UNESCO UNITWIN Network for the protection of Underwater Archaeology.

Our team combines skills in maritime and palaeo archaeology, geomorphology and seismic interpretation, hydrodynamic modelling and genetics.

Mafalda Almeida (University of Minho)

Kathryn Auckland (University of Oxford)

Anders Bergström (Francis Crick Institute)

Justin Dix (University of Southampton)

Ceiridwen Edwards (University of Huddersfield)

Anthony Fogg (University of Southampton)

George Foody (University of Huddersfield)

Maddy Fowler (University of Southampton)

Clive Gamble (University of Southampton)

Francesca Gandini (University of Huddersfield)

Michael Grant (University of Southampton)

Ivan Haigh (University of Southampton)

Kiki Kuijjer (University of Southampton)

Robert Marsh (University of Southampton)

Alexander Mentzer (University of Oxford)

John Mitchell (La Trobe University)

Nano Nagle (La Trobe University)

Stephen Oppenheimer (University of Oxford)

Maria Pala (University of Huddersfield)

Martin Richards (University of Huddersfield)

Pedro Soares (University of Minho)

Peter Veth (University of Western Australia)