Origins of Seafaring to Sahul

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Project Publications

ACROSS will share publications as they begin to come out. They will all be Open Access, so watch this space…

Late Pleistocene Palaeo Environment Reconstruction from 3D Seismic data, NW Australia. The ACROSS project – Australasian Research: Origins of Seafaring to Sahul. Fogg, A., Dix, J. K., Farr, R. H. 2019, Earth and Space Science Open Archive

Changing tidal dynamics and the role of the marine environment in the maritime migration to Sahul. Kuijjer, E., Haigh, I., Marsh, R., Farr, R. H. 2020 Palaeoanthropology Special Issue: The impact of Upper Pleistocene climatic and environmental change on hominin occupations and landscape use (In Press)

Retracing our ancestors’ first ocean voyages. Farr, R. H. 2018. Re:Action Magazine Spring 2018, page 9.

News and Educational Resources

There are many educational resources that may be useful for understanding some of the themes, methods and data within the ACROSS project.

Here are some websites and educational resources to explore:

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Indigenous watercraft at the Australian National Maritime Museum

Earth Science and Oceanography

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